Oct 292014
What is Synthetic Biology?

Engineering Life and Livelihoods This short film explains the basics on synbio and its attempts to engineer life. You can also download and read the comic book that accompanies it here. Full script: So here’s a thought experiment. What if living things were actually machines? The sort of machines that you could take apart, reprogram, and rewire to do something entirely new? If so, plants could just be rewired to glow like light bulbs or [More]

Oct 212013
Video: Biosafety by the Bay - Becky McClain, Ed Hammond & Gopal Dayaneni

Biotech whistleblower, Becky McClain, and international lab safety expert Ed Hammond talk with Movement Generation’s Gopal Dayaneni about the biolabs targeted for siting throughout the so-called “East Bay Green Corridor,” biolab worker and community safety, and biosecurity. Recorded in Berkeley, California at the Brower Center October 16, 2013 About the Guests: Becky McClain was  a Pfizer, Inc. molecular biologist when she became seriously ill after exposure to genetically modified agents at the pharmaceutical giant’s Connecticut [More]

Sep 162013
Video: Corporate Biotech Green vs. Ecological Green - Vandana Shiva & Gopal Dayaneni

Vandana Shiva, PhD in conversation with Gopal Dayaneni, of Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project. World renowned environmental philosopher and activist Vandana Shiva illuminates the corporate assault on biological and cultural diversity and helps us connect the dots: What is the East Bay “Green Corridor,” who is creating it, and what does it mean for communities here and around the globe? “Big oil, big pharma, big food, big seed companies are joining hands to appropriate [More]

Jun 212013

Originally broadcast on Against the Grain, KPFA 94.1 FM Wedensday, June 12, 2013 Download program audio (mp3, 48.38 Mbytes) Worried about genetically modified organisms, and GM food? Well, a number of scientists are pursuing the genetic modification of humans, altering DNA sequences that will be passed along to future generations. According to Stuart Newman, inheritable genetic engineering is deeply problematic; he argues that its proponents misunderstand the nature of living things and the process of [More]

Jun 212013
Podcast: Jim Thomas,  Becky McClain and Edward Hammon discuss synthetic biology on Before You Leap

BioBeware By the Center for Environmental Health Originally published by Before You Leap, the podcast of the Center for Environmental Health. We hear from Jim Thomas on the story of how the birth of modern synthetic chemistry began with the color purple and what this means for dealing with the risky new technology of synthetic biology. Also, Becky McClain, the first biological lab scientist to be injured on the job by a genetically engineered (GMO) [More]

Video: Genetically Modified Humans, Stuart Newman and Milton Reynolds

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Jun 122013
Video: Genetically Modified Humans, Stuart Newman and Milton Reynolds

Stuart Newman, PhD in conversation with Milton Reynolds: June 6, Patent Pending – The Rise of Genetically Modified Humans EAST BAY CONVERSATIONS The Promises and Perils of Biotechnology Stuart Newman, PhD in conversation with Milton Reynolds of Facing History and Ourselves. Thursday, June 6, 2013, 7: 30 pm Brower Center’s Goldman Theater (2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, California) Free and Open to the Public.

Mar 082013
WATCH: When Green Tech Isn't Clean Tech,  ETC Group’s technology watchdog Jim Thomas and Fibershed Founder Rebecca Burgess in Dialog with Gopal Dayeneni

Watch an archived broadcast of East Bay Conversations: When Green Tech Isn’t Clean Tech (3/21/2013) Synthetic biology includes creating novel life forms using DNA not found in nature, promising “green” fuel, cosmetics, cures, and more. Geoengineering promises techno fixes for climate change, including limiting sunlight and removing CO2 from the air. ETC Group’s technology watchdog Jim Thomas and Fibershed Founder Rebecca Burgess tell us what we’re not hearing from promoters about these “false solutions” — their land grabs, environmental and safety risks, and threats to “real green” technology solutions.