Global Declaration on GMOs

SynBio Shopper’s Guide: download in PDF format

The genetic engineering industry is spending millions of dollars lobbying courts, regulators and policymakers to convince them that new genetic modification techniques should evade regulation, labeling and oversight. This is misleading and risky. New genetic engineering techniques come with higher environmental and socio-economic risks and must be considered “GMOs.”

There are several key decisions happening on global governance of new GMOs, including:

  • The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will be meeting in Egypt in November 2018  to make global decisions on Synthetic Biology
  • A number of countries may amend their national GMO rules (eg. Brazil, Argentina, Australia, USA) to allow for these new techniques to bypass risk assessment procedures.

We need everyone to stand up for a sustainable, safe and just food system. By signing this petition, you are letting policymakers around the world know that you want all genetic engineering to be assessed, regulated and labeled. New GMOs are still GMOs!

US residents: we invite you to also sign Friends of the Earth’s US-specific petition and send it to the USDA and FDA!

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