Jan 292013

Twelve years ago, a biotech conference in San Diego drew thousands of protesters, during a peak of activity challenging corporate patents on life and the cynical smokescreen of pro-poor policies and ‘feeding the world.’ Now, as global trade regimes have further concentrated and biotech has consolidated its role as a keystone industry not just in the food and big pharma sectors, but also in the energy sector, another biotech conference in the same city should [More]

Jan 162013

While this announcement in the Richmond Confidential suggests that Bay Area residents might want to consider wildlife and birds, noise pollution and new traffic as they weigh in on the proposed second campus of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, here at synbiowatch, we’re quite a bit more concerned about bio-hazardous material, leakage of artificial organisms, worker safety, and disaster prevention. The Notice of Preparation is online, and anyone who wants to suggest additions or changes can comment online, via [More]

Jan 152013
Bay Area Alert!: LBNL opens comment period for Richmond Bay Campus: Jan 4-Feb 4

LBNL has opened comment period for Richmond Bay Campus: Jan 4-Feb 4. Read and download the notice of preparation, here : NOTE: A public scoping meeting for the Environmental Impact Review will be held from 7:00-9:00 PM on January 23, 2013 at the Richmond City Council Chambers, 403 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond. The US Department of Energy may use this scoping meeting to fulfill requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act and under 10 CFR Part [More]

Mar 192012

This morning on KPFA in Berkeley, Steve Zeltzer of California Coalition for Workers Memorial Day interviewed Jim Thomas of ETC Group and Becky McClain, a molecular biologist and a whistler blower who was infected by a mutated virus in a Pfizer lab, and then fired by the company after filing a grievance. The interview provides critical background on the risks associated with synthetic biology, and directs listeners to the upcoming conference, Unmasking the Bay Area Bio-Lab [More]