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DIY Biohacking

Sep 302016
Experts warn home 'gene editing' kits pose risk to society

by Ian Sample (the Guardian) Nuffield Council on Bioethics report finds materials to perform basic experiments are now available to ‘garage scientists’ The simplicity and low cost of tools to edit the genetic code means “garage scientists” – or amateurs with some skill – can now perform their own experiments, posing a potential risk from the release of GM bugs, a new report suggests. In a report published on Friday, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics [More]

Aug 292016
Biohacking ban needed

by Louise Sales Last week US biohacker Ellen Jorgensen toured Australia encouraging members of the public to genetically modify microbes prompting the GM Free Australia Alliance to call for a ban on the genetic engineering of microbes outside contained and certified laboratory facilities. Biohacking generally means genetically modifying a bacteria, yeast, plant or animal to change its function or physical characteristics. Whilst such tinkering currently appears to be legal in Australia, the development of new [More]