Category: Emerging research

  • Synthetic Biology Comes Down to Earth

    Note: This article presents an even-handed exposition of the synthetic biology industry’s effort to sell a lot of sizzle, while its steak isn’t quite cooked. One of the most striking points we find here is a clear picture of the frighteningly reductionist — even myopic — view of some of the field’s researchers. Assistant Professor […]

  • Harmful algae blooms increase as water warms in the world’s major lakes

    By Erica Rex, E&E correspondent, cross-posted from E&E News Tuesday, January 8, 2013 – The warming waters of one of central Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, Switzerland’s Lake Zurich, have created an ideal environment for a population explosion of algae including Planktothrix rubescens, a toxic cyanobacterium. It has the potential to harm humans, animals and […]