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Mar 052013

Note: This article presents an even-handed exposition of the synthetic biology industry’s effort to sell a lot of sizzle, while its steak isn’t quite cooked. One of the most striking points we find here is a clear picture of the frighteningly reductionist — even myopic — view of some of the field’s researchers. Assistant Professor Tim Lu, for example, calls the complexity of life “almost irrational” ¬†and found it surprising that the mechanical processes of [More]

Jan 082013

By Erica Rex, E&E correspondent, cross-posted from E&E News Tuesday, January 8, 2013 – The warming waters of one of central Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, Switzerland’s Lake Zurich, have created an ideal environment for a population explosion of algae including Planktothrix rubescens, a toxic cyanobacterium. It has the potential to harm humans, animals and the tourism that pumps up the economies of lake districts. Although harmful algal blooms have been documented for more than [More]