The “Nightmare at Pfizer “- Injured Biotech Worker Becky McClain Speaks at 2009 April 28, 2009 SF Workers Memorial Day

“Nightmare at Pfizer “- Injured Bio-Tech Worker Becky McClain Speaks at 2009 April 28, 2009 SF Workers Memorial Day Pfizer Biotech Stem Cell Researcher Becky McClain Reports On Health And Safety Dangers In The Biotech Industry Injured Pfizer Molecular Biologist Becky McClain was a health and safety officer at the drug company Pfizer. She was concerned about the dangers of stem cell research and lack of proper oversight and health and safety protection. She brought these concerns to OSHA and was told that they could not defend her and other biotech workers. She was also infected as a result of these unsafe health and safety practices and is fighting to make the public aware of the dangers of this new unregulated industry. The current developing pandemic in Mexico in Mexico of a swine flu is a clear example of the potential public and human cost of unregulated and uncontrolled development of genetic engineering without proper health and safety. Although there is no evidence at present that this flu was the result of genetic engineering this could have come from genetic engineering. Becky McClain, worked at the Pfizer laboratory in Connecticut and was working on stem cell research when she incurred biological exposures while on the job. She has been fighting since that time to obtain the right to her exposure records which are necessary for healthcare and compensation for her injuries. The company still refuses to release these records. The federal lack of protection of the introduction of new technology in the workplace is a growing danger not only to those technology workers but the public at large. In light of the new emerging swine flu epidemic in Mexico, biotech workers rights and public health and safety are the first line of defense against accidental, negligent or intentional release of infectious agents that could cause new emerging disease. Becky also talk about the case of biotech worker Dr. Jeannette Adu-Bobie and how she had to fight for healthcare after being infected at her laboratory in New Zealand. You can find more out about McClain’s work at The San Francisco Workers Memorial Day event on April 28, 2009 where McClain spoke was sponsored by California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day and was held at ILWU Local 34 in San Francisco. Additional video on this case at Pfizer Injured Biotech Molecular Biologist Becky McClain-Biotech workers and the public under threat Video Injured Pfizer Biotech Worker Gets Her Day In Court Produced by Labor Video Project P.O. Box 720027 San Francisco, CA 94172



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