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Actions and campaigns sponsored by the convening organizations.

May 222013

The Alliance for Human Biotechnology (AHB) is organizing a letter-writing campaign to the California State Senate to oppose  Assembly Bill 926 which authorizes paying young women to undergo egg harvesting to extract their eggs for bio-research. The procedure, which includes taking powerful hormones for weeks, has short term risks (including death) and long term risks that have not been adequately studied, making informed consent nothing but a sham. Previously, egg “donation” targeted college women with [More]

May 072013
ETC & FOE "Kickstopper" Campaign Takes Aim at SynBio Kickstarter Effort to Distribute Synthetically Engineered Seeds

Kickstopper! – Putting a Stop to Synthetic Biology Pollution ETC to launch counter-Kickstarter campaign to prevent release of synthetic organisms At the end of April 2013, ETC Group learned that  three biohackers from the ultra-libertarian Singularity University in California had mounted a project on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. It was a plan  to carry out the worlds first environmental release of an avowedly Synthetic Biology organism – a glow-in-the dark arabidopsis plant. Shockingly the ‘Glowing Plants’ [More]