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Actions and campaigns sponsored by the convening organizations.

Dec 152016
Coca-Cola, Clarins, DivSeek & Canada win Biopiracy Awards at the COP 13

by Friends of the Earth International Coca-Cola, Clarins, DivSeek and the governments of Canada and Brasil,  were the winners of the 6th “Captain Hook Awards” ceremony that honored the five most important actors of the world of biopiracy this year and in which in which Friends of the Earth International participated. The show was organized by the Coalition Against Biopiracy (CAB) on December 9th during the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity [More]

Dec 132016
The Captain Hook Awards reveal ‘biopirate’ villains and celebrate biodiversity defenders at UN Biodiversity Convention

CANCUN – The Coalition Against Biopiracy (CAB) hosted the 6th Captain Hook Awards ceremony at the Thirteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 13) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on December 9, 2016. The public action in the main lobby of the Conference “celebrated” five biopirates – corporations, governments, and organizations that play a part to privatize genetic resources from Indigenous Peoples and local communities for profit – with an awards ceremony attended by [More]

Nov 082016
The 2016 Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy - submit your nominations now!

The Coalition Against Biopiracy (CAB) will host the 6th Captain Hook Awards ceremony at the Thirteenth Conference of the Parties (COP13) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Cancun, Mexico, 4-17 December 2016. Nominate your least-favourite pirate for a 2016 Captain Hook Award, and your most admired biopiracy resistors for a 2016 Cog Award now! This award ceremony comes as high-tech ‘digital’ biopiracy is becoming easier than ever. With the accelerating tools of genome-editing [More]

Oct 282016
Stop industry writing the rules on GM - Australia action

Documents revealed under Freedom of Information laws show that the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has been colluding with industry for years to deregulate a range of new genetic modification (GM) techniques. And now the rest of us have just 6 weeks to make the case why they should be regulated! If the OGTR deregulates these new GM techniques there will be no monitoring or surveillance. Anyone from amateur biohackers – to industry [More]

May 252016
Latin American scientists warn against risks of new GM techniques

GM Watch: Scientists demand an end to experimentation in genetic manipulation and call on farmers and society to reclaim scientific research Below is an important statement by the Latin American Union of Scientists Concerned with Society and Nature, questioning the safety of new GM techniques like gene editing and demanding the suspension of experimentation in this field. — Open letter on new technologies Latin American Union of Scientists Concerned with Society and Nature– (UCCSNAL) 10 [More]

Apr 272016
No new GMOs through the back door!

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, La Via Campesina and other organisations are hosting a petition calling on the European Commission to effectively regulate new GMOs. These organisms are having their genes “edited” through new GM and synbio techniques, and the companies developing them are claiming that they’re not technically GMOs, so they shouldn’t face the same regulations around their testing, labeling and commercialisation. We disagree! These new GMOs should be treated just the same as [More]

Feb 182016
Speak up for the regulation of new GM techniques!

The European Commission is about to decide whether or not a set of new genetic engineering techniques should be regulated as GM. Let them know why they should and why it matters to you. We’re supporting GM Freeze’s action to write to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, to let him know that European citizens are concerned and want to see the ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques‘ (NBTs) properly regulated. You can participate in [More]

Oct 152014
Northern “Syn Bio Club” Blasted for Impeding UN Talks Progress

Synthetic Biology States vs. the Rest of the World PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA–Tensions are rising at UN talks concerning oversight of synthetic biology technology, sometimes called extreme genetic engineering. A small club of wealthy nations with powerful biotech industries, (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and the European Union) have been clashing with developing countries from Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean over the need for international governance frameworks for synthetic biology. The [More]

Sep 042013
Friends of the Earth Launches Campaign against Synbio Vanilla

Originally published on Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth (FOE) has  launched a campaign to urge Haagen Dazs, Dryers, Baskin Robbins, and other major ice cream companies to commit to not use synbio vanilla in their ice cream. Dana Perls, Food and technology campaigner for FOE, says “In the face of inaction by the FDA, it’s up to consumers to voice our concerns and make it clear we do not want synbio vanilla [More]

Jun 262013
Coalition urges VETO of  AB 926 - Human Egg Harvesting Threatens Women's Health

Contact Governor Brown today and urge him to: VETO AB 926!! AB 926 will expand the market in human eggs by paying young women to “donate” their eggs for research. But egg harvesting involves serious health risks! Tell Governor Brown that if California approves paying women to risk their health and fertility it should take steps to provide evidenced based informed consent, one that is the product of long term follow up and study. In [More]