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Apr 012013

PDF version of this document: LBNL – RANC Recommended Mitigations The Lawrence Berkeley “National” Lab (LBNL) in partnership with the Department of Energy plan to build a high profile, billion-dollar laboratory on Richmond’s South Shoreline. While public pronouncements tell us the lab will focus on ‘green’ energy research, the reality of it is much more complicated. The risks that synthetic biology poses to worker safety, public health, community and the environment are poorly understood, and [More]

Jan 162013

While this announcement in the Richmond Confidential suggests that Bay Area residents might want to consider wildlife and birds, noise pollution and new traffic as they weigh in on the proposed second campus of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, here at synbiowatch, we’re quite a bit more concerned about bio-hazardous material, leakage of artificial organisms, worker safety, and disaster prevention. The Notice of Preparation is online, and anyone who wants to suggest additions or changes can comment online, via [More]

Oct 022012

By Robert Rogers, Contra Costa Times, Cross-posted from the San Jose Mercury-News   RICHMOND — Developers and business leaders have exhorted Chevron to expand operations in the city’s Marina Bay district, and now elected officials are set to join the chorus.   The City Council is expected on Tuesday to pass a resolution urging its largest taxpayer to invest in new research and office space in the shoreline district, which many think is brimming with the potential to [More]

Apr 052012
Video: The Bay Area Bio Lab & Synthetic Biology, False Solutions

A Risky Development: The University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the US Department of Energy have unveiled plans to build a high profile biotech laboratory in the East Bay. The lab and associated commercial activity will focus on developing biofuels and other products using synthetic biology: an extreme form of genetic engineering that creates artificial life. Ground Zero for Syn Bio: Already a multi-billion dollar field, synthetic biology is fast becoming the next [More]