Video: The Bay Area Bio Lab & Synthetic Biology, False Solutions

A Risky Development:
The University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the US Department of Energy have unveiled plans to build a high profile biotech laboratory in the East Bay. The lab and associated commercial activity will focus on developing biofuels and other products using synthetic biology: an extreme form of genetic engineering that creates artificial life.

Ground Zero for Syn Bio:
Already a multi-billion dollar field, synthetic biology is fast becoming the next ‘biotech bubble’ with the Bay Area as ground zero for this new industry . The San Francisco Bay Area is already home to over a dozen synthetic biology companies backed by some of the world’s largest energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and agribusiness players as well as “garage biotech” hackers. The next generation biofuels under development are a false solution to our environmental crises. The risks synthetic biology poses to worker safety, public health, social justice, and the environment are poorly understood and are as yet effectively unregulated.

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