Hangout test

Live stream of webinar

Streaming directly from youtube channel – you have to click play for it to start, so we’ll need to instruct people to do so just before the webinar starts, and make sure there isn’t a significant delay, and that it is actually live (and doesn’t just start from the beginning).


The one below looks like the best to use, but the free features aren’t very sophisticated. It’s $20 a month for the more complicated version, and that would allow us to do everything we’d want to: moderate the discussion, ban users, make people sign in with email address, log the chat, etc. I couldn’t find a free plugin that was anywhere near as good. It’s really straightforward to configure and add to a page or post, too.

There’s 3 options for where to put the chat – in a post/page, in a widget in one of the sidebars, or in the bottom right corner. An issue with having the chat under the video is obviously that you have to scroll down to see the chat, like below. So a better option is probably the bottom right corner chat, though I’m not sure it can be configured to only show on one page.

[chat id=”13″ sound=”disabled” date_show=”enabled” time_show=”enabled” font=”” login_options=”current_user,public_user” moderator_roles=”administrator” ]


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