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Oct 262012

Cross-posted from Thomsen/Reuters, by Roberta Rampton and Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON | Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:48pm EDT (Reuters) – Biofuels made from algae, promoted by President Barack Obama as a possible way to help wean Americans off foreign oil, cannot be made now on a large scale without using unsustainable amounts of energy, water and fertilizer, the U.S. National Research Council reported on Wednesday. “Faced with today’s technology, to scale up any more is going to put really big [More]

Oct 112012

NOTE: in this post, another observer thrilled by the apparently limitless horizons of synthetic biology makes the point that the DIY biohacker ‘revolution’ is where the real innovations will happen, beyond the corporate sphere of influence. Of course, the computer revolution spearheaded by guys in garages in the 1970’s would never have taken off if those guys in garages hadn’t transformed themselves into the most high-powered corporate execs in the history of industrial capital, and [More]

Oct 092012

By Stephan Nielsen – Oct 9, 2012, cross-posted from Bloomberg Sugar-cane growers from Bunge Ltd. (BG) to Sao Martinho SA (SMTO3) propose building plants in Brazil to convert crops into chemicals for products as varied as face cream and industrial lubricants. A joint venture between Bunge and U.S. biotechnology company Solazyme Inc. (SZYM) will start late next year to produce oils from sugar. Cane grower Paraiso Bioenergia SA will open the first plant in Brazil by year-end with Emeryville, California- based Amyris Inc. [More]

Apr 052012
Video: The Bay Area Bio Lab & Synthetic Biology, False Solutions

A Risky Development: The University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the US Department of Energy have unveiled plans to build a high profile biotech laboratory in the East Bay. The lab and associated commercial activity will focus on developing biofuels and other products using synthetic biology: an extreme form of genetic engineering that creates artificial life. Ground Zero for Syn Bio: Already a multi-billion dollar field, synthetic biology is fast becoming the next [More]