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Mar 082013
WATCH: When Green Tech Isn't Clean Tech,  ETC Group’s technology watchdog Jim Thomas and Fibershed Founder Rebecca Burgess in Dialog with Gopal Dayeneni

Watch an archived broadcast of East Bay Conversations: When Green Tech Isn’t Clean Tech (3/21/2013) Synthetic biology includes creating novel life forms using DNA not found in nature, promising “green” fuel, cosmetics, cures, and more. Geoengineering promises techno fixes for climate change, including limiting sunlight and removing CO2 from the air. ETC Group’s technology watchdog Jim Thomas and Fibershed Founder Rebecca Burgess tell us what we’re not hearing from promoters about these “false solutions” — their land grabs, environmental and safety risks, and threats to “real green” technology solutions.

Oct 042012

Have a look at this promotional dreck from Fidelity Investments, on the wonders of synthetic biology. It sounds fantastic until you realize, their fictions are spun as thin as goat-milk spider silk. As microbiologist Ignacio Chapela has said, “They believe that if they can take an organism with wings, and combine it with a creature that produces ham, they’ll have a flying pig.”    

Apr 052012
Video: The Bay Area Bio Lab & Synthetic Biology, False Solutions

A Risky Development: The University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the US Department of Energy have unveiled plans to build a high profile biotech laboratory in the East Bay. The lab and associated commercial activity will focus on developing biofuels and other products using synthetic biology: an extreme form of genetic engineering that creates artificial life. Ground Zero for Syn Bio: Already a multi-billion dollar field, synthetic biology is fast becoming the next [More]

Feb 132012
Workers Comp, The Destruction Of Ca-OSHA/EPA And The Case Of Biotech Worker David Bell

On May 13, 2008 “Labor On The Job” focuses on the case of Agraquest biotech worker David Bell. Bell who worked at the Davis, CA biotech laboratory owned by former Monsanto scientist Pam Marrone was infected with fungus and bacteria while working. He and his family have faced a terrifying battle for healthcare and justice from injuries on the job. Despite the fact that his mother found material in his body that was patented by [More]

Feb 132012
Injured Agraquest Biotech Worker David Bell Tells His Story

Labor On The Job on 12/12/2008 interviews Agraquest biotech workers David Bell. Bell talks about his work at the Davis California based company owned by Pam Marrone and how the lack of proper health and safety protection led to his contamination and sickness. He also discusses how the company sought to cover-up their responsibility for his illness and the corruption and breakdown of the workers compensation system along with the failure of health and safety [More]

Feb 132012
Health And Safety Threatened At Pfizer: Stop Injuring Biotech Workers

On September 29, 2011 injured workers including former Pfizer injured molecular biologist bitotech scientist Becky McClain held a rally for justice outside the Groton, CT laboratories where she was contaminated. Speakers including McClain discussed the issues that are faced in this industry and the lack of proper oversight and protection for the workers and the public at Pfizer. She also reports that OSHA officials did not properly protect her and the public and still have not [More]

Feb 122012
Becky McClain, Injured Pfizer Molecular Biologist and Health & Safety Advocate Speaks at Calaway Awards

Becky McClain, Injured Pfizer Molecular Biologist and Health & Safety Advocate Speaks at Calaway Awards- Becky McClain, injured Pfizer Molecular Biologist and Health and Safety Advocate speaks at Callaway Awards Presentation on 12/8/2010 in Washington, D.C. California. For more information go to and California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

Feb 122012
Pfizer Injured Biotech Molecular Biologist Becky McClain-Biotech workers and the public under threat

On July 17, 2010 in San Francisco, Pfizer injured biotech molecular biologist Becky McClain discussed her firing for making OSHA complaints and also the potential and real dangers of unregulated development of products in the biotech and nanotech industry without proper oversight. The first US conference on biotechnology and health and safety was sponsored by the California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day Additional presentations at the conference are Biotech, CA Osha & Health And [More]

Feb 122012
Becky McClain's Worker's Memorial Day speech 4-28-10

  Becky McClain is a 23-year career molecular biologist who has worked on cutting edge technologies in mouse embryonic stem cell, vaccine development, molecular genetics, neurobiology and developmental biology research within both academia and private industry. In 2002-2004 she incurred biological exposures at Pfizer, Groton, CT from a biological hood and co-worker using a Lentivirus on her lab bench next to her desk. As a result of requesting the Lentivirus exposure records through OSHA she [More]

Feb 122012

“Nightmare at Pfizer “- Injured Bio-Tech Worker Becky McClain Speaks at 2009 April 28, 2009 SF Workers Memorial Day Pfizer Biotech Stem Cell Researcher Becky McClain Reports On Health And Safety Dangers In The Biotech Industry Injured Pfizer Molecular Biologist Becky McClain was a health and safety officer at the drug company Pfizer. She was concerned about the dangers of stem cell research and lack of proper oversight and health and safety protection. She brought [More]